Finally Found! We have been receiving online ICBC claims information and reporting ICBC claims since 1999 for our personal injury clients. As a legal advocate for the injured I began reporting ICBC claims in 1995, before any online reporting systems existed. Unbelievably very little has changed in the ICBC reporting requirements since the regulations were created over 30 years ago. ICBC dial-a-claim still appears to be the preferred first contact for personal injury claims.

Why You May Not Qualify to Make an Online ICBC Claim

If you have been injured in a car accident you will not qualify for an online ICBC claim report. ICBC Does not provide for online claims reporting  for personal injuries, hit and run, car accidents outside BC or glass damage only.

What We can do to Start the ICBC Claim Process for You

The important first step after a car accident to protect your ICBC claim is to contact a legal advocate. A lawyer is required to work in your best interest so you never have to be concerned your interests are not being served. At Holness Law Group you can provide us with your ICBC claim information online and we will make the claim for you.
The best way the make an ICBC injury claim is accurately and on time. We provide an online claim reporting service for ICBC claims and other personal injury claims. Simply complete our online contact form, which is secure and confidential,  and we will contact you, except weekends, within 24 hours. For urgent claims call us immediately at  604-633-4878.
The Online ICBC Claims Lawyer Mr. Renn A. Holness, B.A. LL.B.working only for the injured, not ICBC or any other insurance company since 1995.

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