Personal injury lawyers in Vancouver  give notice of accidents and report motor vehicle crashes to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC on behalf of clients. However, whether you have a lawyer or not, a statement following an accident does not have to be signed, but as set out in the legislation you will have to provide ICBC with a written report of the circumstances and consequences.
One of the best personal injury lawyers in Vancouver at the time, Thomas O. Griffiths,  explained to me in 1995 when I began my Vancouver practice of personal injury law,  that a prior medical condition can never be the cause of a present condition unless it is progressive. When giving the insurance company a statement early after a car accident one of the biggest mistakes is to either include or exclude a prior medical condition. You might want to print the following because you’ll need to know the answer to the following questions before reporting an accident to ICBC:

1. Question: Why is an ICBC Statement required after a Traffic Accident?

Answer: Technically a statement is not required. If you are an insured with ICBC and are injured the Insurance Motor Vehicle Act says that you must provide a written report in order the make a claim. If this is not done to the prejudice of ICBC then your claim can be denied.

2. Question: How do I make an ICBC Statement?

Answer: The “ICBC written report” has to be in writing. The legislation does not require that the written report be signed. Be aware however you will have to complete an Accident Claim Application with ICBC within 90 days, and that form, CL-22, requires the claimant’s signature.
The ICBC dial-a-claim seems to be the most popular way of reporting an accident to ICBC and the fastest way to get a claim number.

3. Question: When does the Written Report need to be Provided to ICBC?

Answer: The Insurance Motor Vehicle Act says that you have 30 days to provide a written report.
For more information watch our short video about how to report a car accident:

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