In British Columbia reporting a motor vehicle accident is different than anywhere else in Canada. The Insurance Corporation of BC, ICBC, is the only insurance company in the Province that is permitted, upon notice, to provide accident benefits to people injured in motor vehicle accidents. As a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver since 1995 my law firm accepts online ICBC injury claims and we report several accidents every month to ICBC. In this article I will share three important tips when reporting your motor vehicle accident in BC.

1. ICBC must be Notified

ICBC has a dial-a-claim service which is available 24/7 and the law requires that ICBC be notified in addition to the police if there has been an injury and more than $1,000 worth of damage.
Critical to your notification to ICBC is the substance of the report. You must provided the circumstances and the consequences of the accident. This reporting has to be done in writing unless waived by ICBC. It is not uncommon for ICBC to accept a telephone reporting without a signed statement so long as they can establish fault for the accident. Reporting a car accident in Vancouver is no different than anywhere in BC.

2. Deadlines to Report to ICBC

You typically have 30 days from the date of the accident to give notice to ICBC. This can be extended if there is no prejudice to ICBC. If you are considering hiring a lawyer to file to report make sure you give the lawyer enough time to report the accident as this will be an important part of protecting your claim. Get your claim filed on time so that you can access important injury benefits such as total temporary disability benefits.

3. An Online Report not for Injury Claims

Currently ICB does not accept personal injury claims online but property damage claims can be done with their online system. If you have been injured in a car accident you will also have to complete, sign, and provide an accident benefit application (CL-22) within 90 days of the collision to ICBC. The representations that you make about your injury will be relied on by ICBC so make sure it is accurate and complete.
Take some time to read more about the reporting requirements for ICBC claims free of charge at our personal injury law blog before contacting ICBC.
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