Personal Injury Claim Lawyers in Vancouver

When organic means more than just what you eat, legal advocate Renn Holness provides natural justice to victims of personal injury. Mr. Holness has been providing legal services to victims of personal injury in Vancouver since 1995 and has never worked for any insurance company. We only work for the injured providing holistic legal services for accident benefits and legal proceedings.

Handcrafted Quality Legal Services

When ICBC or other insurance companies deny your injury claim or refuse to pay benefits we will use our legal expertise to create an environment in which relevant document exchange can lead to wholesome compensation. Our personal injury lawyers are based in Vancouver and are personally involved in every case. Originally crafted for each client our legal submissions and settlement proposals are all authors by experienced personal injury lawyers.

Handcrafted Personal Injury Settlements

While insurance companies are switching to computer based decision making, we leave the decisions to humans. Personal injury lawyers are responsible for overseeing every settlement proposal leaving our law office.  Personal, original, and crafted by hand.

Organic Compensation after a Car Accident

Claimants should not have to accept “meat chart” evaluations of pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment. Every case should be decided on the natural facts and is necessarily influenced by the individual’s personal experiences in dealing with his or her injuries and their consequences. Factors to consider in the assessment include: (a) age of the claimant; (b) nature of the injury; (c) severity and duration of pain; (d) disability; (e) emotional suffering; (f) loss or impairment of life; (g) impairment of family, marital and social relationships; (h) impairment of physical and mental abilities; (i) loss of lifestyle; and (j) the claimant’s stoicism.

Non-Traditional Treatment for Personal Injuries

The  British Columbia  Supreme Court is now satisfied  that acupuncture treatments is no longer to be considered “non-traditional”.  Even on the assumption that Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine can be considered “non-traditional”, the Court was satisfied in Lee v. McGuire,2005 BCSC 241 that the combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine and chiropractic services provided effective treatment for the injuries suffered by the claimant in the accident.  These treatment were all reasonable treatments to be undertaken in order to reduce the pain and suffering that was caused by the car accident.
Get more legal services information  from our short video, making a personal injury claim in British Columbia:

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