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Finding a good personal injury lawyer is easier for your ICBC claim than ever before as a result of  marketing requirements for lawyers. Most young lawyer will not remember but there was a time that the Law Society did not permit lawyers to even state an area of preferred practice.
The code of conduct for all lawyers states that a lawyer may “state in any marketing activity a preference for practice in any one or more fields of law if the lawyer regularly practises”.  This allows the public to know that a lawyer that states a preferred area of practice is experienced in, for example, ICBC injury claims and/or personal injury.
New lawyers are advised by the Law Society to review Chapter 4 of the BC Code regarding marketing of legal services before written advertisements are released . Proofread all written advertisements or ask an experienced lawyer to read your advertisement before it is published to get their thoughts on its suitability( Law Society advice to new lawyers).
Don’t rely solely on advertising to find a personal injury lawyer.  Speak to others in the community and meet with the lawyer for a free consultation to help ensure the lawyer is the best fit for your injury case.  Lawyers that actually work for ICBC are required to notify potential clients of this fact.
Watch our short video to get tips for hiring a personal injury lawyer for your case:

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