Negotiating for settlement or for injury benefits after a car accident can be daunting if you have never had a personal injury claim before. Even the most seasoned lawyers will refer ICBC claimants to an experienced personal injury lawyer if this is not their field. These experienced personal injury lawyers are worth their weight in gold and will help to avoid the constant pitfalls encountered in a claim.
Here are three qualities to look for in a legal advocate before you hire a lawyer for an ICBC injury claim:

Legal Certification in British Columbia

Lawyers in British Columbia are provided with some basic knowledge of ICBC, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. This is critical as ICBC is unique in all of North America, there being no other system of its kind.
The legal profession also expects lawyers to engage in regular legal educational training, which is monitored by the regulatory body for lawyers in the Province, Law Society of BC.

Experience Dealing with the Insurance Corporation

As rules and policies change over time, retaining a lawyer that is principally engaged in representing ICBC claimants can be important when it come to negotiating a fair settlement. Often these lawyers will be familiar not only with the policies but also the people involved and can advise on the best course of action.

Fluency in English

Although English may not be a claimants first language, in British Columbia, court documents and evidence must be filed in English. Having a lawyer that is fluent in English is far more important than having a lawyer that speaks your language.
The court, if you are successful, will usual compensate for any reasonable translation expenses involved.  So take time to find the best lawyer for your ICBC claim, not just one that understands your language.
Lastly, do remember that lawyers are human and have personalities and temperaments. Find a lawyer you get along with and will trust when it comes to making the hard decisions in the ICBC injury claim.
Posted by Personal Injury Lawyer Mr. Renn A. Holness B.A. LL.B. representing ICBC injury claimants since 1995.

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