Three  facts about settling an ICBC injury claim: 1. full and final release of all claims means there’s no turning back, 2. no further treatment paid by ICBC after settlement and 3.  two ICBC claims to settle are tort and accident benefits.
The ICBC claims settlement process for personal injury is very much dependent on the claimants right to compensation through the courts. The basic process with the Insurance Corporation of BC, ICBC, can be broken down as follows for as typical case:

  • Report to ICBC
  • Give written report within 30 days
  • Accident benefits application with ICBC within 90 days
  • Attended to doctors and treatment
  •  Proof of loss of income and out of pocket expenses
  • File lawsuit against at fault driver within two years of the accident
  • Settle with ICBC adjuster or lawyer

For more information and tips on settling with ICBC watch our short video:

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