The first tip, the ICBC adjuster works for ICBC not the injured claimant. ICBC does not assign claimants their own advocates after a car accident.  No one at the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, will look out for the claimants best interests when it comes to settling an injury case.
Second tip for ICBC injury claimants, ICBC owes an injury claimant no duty of care as the third party insurer for the other driver. Although the ICBC bodily injury adjuster  and the claimant will often have a helpful common interest in early settlement, ICBC owes a duty to the other driver to pay a claimant as little as possible.
Third tip for ICBC injury claimants, probably the most important tip of all, is to always make informed decisions when accepting an offer to settle in a personal injury case. The ICBC adjuster wants to settle any reasonable claim to avoid added expense and further risk exposure. The claimant without advice usually does not want to delay compensation for injuries but will lose important benefits and future compensation .

In this relationship, insurance adjuster and injury claimant, the adjuster is clearly more sophisticated having had training, inside tips from managers, and often hundreds of injury settlements already completed.

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