March 26, 2018- The proposed ICBC Injury caps will not affect claimants that are injured before January 1, 2019. If this change becomes law ICBC claimants suffering soft tissue injuries can expect ICBC to deny their claims or limit compensation to $5,500 for pain and suffering.
Allowing ICBC to limit payments of pain and suffering awards to $5,500 for “minor” claims will be bad in the following ways:
1. Eliminate rights of the injured giving ICBC more power to protect bad drivers;
2. Allowing bad ICBC drivers to pay less for denying quality of life to private citizens;
3. ICBC not accountable for past financial mismanagement;
4. ICBC will be allowed to blame the injured for corporate failure;
5. Quality of life will not be a paramount goal in this system;
6. Injury caps unfairly harm the poor, the elderly, the retired, immigrant communities and BC’s working class;
7. Injury caps deny access to justice because no legal advocate is provided when ICBC deems an injury minor.
A better solution to remedy ICBC’s financial shortfall is to: Increase coverage for treatment for quicker injury recovery and; Limit ICBC powers to providing accident benefits not defending bad drivers.
Importantly, Quality of Life has value and if you agree you will oppose caps on ICBC compensation for personal injury. Call or email  your MLA.

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