Auto Accident Report

This is what you need to do for an accident in British Columbia, a province with an automobile compensation scheme different than any other legal jurisdiction in the world.
We have a combined no fault and tort based system for automobile insurance and compensation. You will therefore be responsible for several deadlines in both claims. For ICBC accident benefits you must

  • Provide a written report with 30 days and
  • Completed claim form within 90 days.

Report the claim to ICBC dial-a-claim or have someone report on your behalf if you are too injured.  A representative can report the accident for you such as a legal guardian or personal injury lawyer. Best to report the accident to ICBC right away, but if you are injured you cannot make in injury report online.
For an injury claim against the at fault driver, the tort claim, you will typically have 2 years from the date of the car accident.  You must

  • Report the filing of any lawsuit involving a motor vehicle accident to ICBC, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

It is critical that you are physically examined by a qualified medical doctor. This should occur on the day of the accident or the following day depending on the availability of medical clinics.
Your statement to the insurance company and police must be accurate and address all the necessary issues. Avoid misleading, vague or ambiguous language in an ICBC Statement.
Learn more and watch our short video on how to report a car accident in BC:

The best free legal advice I can give when reporting an accident is to call a qualified British Columbia personal injury lawyer immediately before you call ICBC. This will put you on an equal footing in the insurance claim while you focus on your recovery.

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