Patients trust that physicians are following the current medical standard of care. However, when injured due to negligent treatment, the focus shifts to the patient to prove the misbehavior.

What to do after a medical malpractice is dictated by standard of care that has been breached. Here are three steps to take once you suspect medical malpractice:

  1. Get a second opinion– Immediately book or get a referral to an expert in the same field. The second opinion could be reassurance that the treatment is appropriate. On the other hand if inappropriate the treatment can be stopped, avoiding further injury.
  2. Ask your Doctor– Express your concern to the physician if the second opinion raises concerns. Give the doctor an opportunity to explain why the treatment was recommended. Write down everything the physician told you immediately following the appointment. These notes will help as a memory aid and assist a legal advocate.
  3. Get Legal Advice– This is a specialized area. Talk the a lawyer that has experience in medical negligence claims. Lawyers in the field generally agree to provide at least a free legal consultation.
Lawyers helping patients

At Holness Law Group we provide a preliminary investigation process to put your records in the hands of an expert. This will help determine the viability of any medical malpractice claim you may have.

Steps to take after a medical malpractice will depend on the nature of the injury suffered. Once you are aware of the negligence there is a duty to take steps to mitigate any losses.

Call and talk to Mr. Holness about whether the preliminary investigation process is right for you.

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