Automated Fleet Drivers

Long-haul drivers have special licencing and restrictions on road time. However autonomous trucks are driverless and eliminate the need for human occupant training or time restrictions. Highway safety will therefore change given that 1 in 5 road fatalities involve large commercial vehicles.

Daimler Trucks announced on May 28, 2019 it plans to have highly automated trucks, SAE level 4 , in production within a decade.
Daimler is founding a new venture focused on research, development and deployment of autonomous vehicle technology for commercial vehicles.

Level 4 automation still requires that a driver be present in the cab for some driving options and emergencies. However, the automated driving system on the vehicle can itself perform all driving tasks and monitor the driving environment, essentially, doing all the driving.  The driver need not pay attention in most circumstances.

Vehicle Fleet Management in Canada is the administration of motor vehicles including cars, vans and trucks. This includes a broad range of services such as acquisition, fuel, insurance and maintenance.

Level 4 automated fleet vehicles will change the acquisition, fuel, insurance and maintenance systems. Automated fleet vehicles will therefore change the B.C. government ministries vehicle fleet management protocols.

Autonomous Vehicles and ICBC

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