No Injury Caps for 2018

No-Fault auto insurance means ICBC will profit by letting guilty drivers get away with killing and maiming the innocent. The history of no-fault auto insurance in other jurisdictions shows a callous disregard for human life. Profit over quality of life.

If you are a bad driver and cause of your own disability and the disability of others, the ICBC No fault will help. The guilty driver is given compensation and avoids compensating the innocent victim. This is the real auto insurance change the NDP/ICBC have been hiding from the public.

ICBC uses teams of lawyers to defend claims. The NDP does not want injury claimants to benefits from having a lawyer. in a non-fault system the injured are expected to present claims without having a lawyer or advocate to assist them.

Full no-fault auto insurance will:

  1. Eliminate rights of the injured giving ICBC more power to protect bad drivers;
  2. Allow bad ICBC drivers to pay less for denying quality of life to private citizens;
  3. Avoids ICBC accountability for past financial mismanagement;
  4. allows ICBC to blame the injured for their corporate failure;
  5. Quality of life will not be a paramount goal in this system;
  6. Eliminates the right sue sue bad drivers unfairly harm the poor, the elderly, the retired, immigrant communities and BC’s working class;
  7. Non-fault insurance denies access to justice because no legal advocate is provided. ICBC will still have dozens of lawyers working for them to deny claims. Claimants are on their own

The NDP should be changing the law to promote competition by giving the auto insurance industry the opportunity to develop new products. Instead they appear to be protecting an old auto insurance system destined to failure .

The reality of the auto insurance will have to change as a result of cars being increasingly automated, having sensors and automatic braking systems. These new features will continue to result in fewer accidents and consequently in lower premiums. Private insurance companies are best equipped to provide new insurance products, not ICBC. a No fault personal injury system will result in an increase in insurance premiums and decrease in respect for human life.

ICBC Legacy of Denying Minor Injury

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