The NDP no fault auto insurance will become law to benefit auto monopoly ICBC in May, 2021. However, people in British Columbia have not been told of the potential for these changes to result in more injuries and death on our roads. As the personal responsibility of guilty driver is eliminated, so to will the financial incentives for responsible driving. Saskatchewan and Manitoba, with no fault auto insurance schemes, both have high rates of death and injury on their roads. This despite improvements in road and vehicle design.

Saskatchewan has recently had one of the highest rates of road fatalities in the country. Impaired driving in no fault Saskatchewan is also a real problem.

Likewise Manitoba, another Canadian Province with no fault auto insurance, continues to have high rates of injury and death. in 2020 Manitoba has seen a 32 per cent increase in crash fatalities from the same time last year . Although the police cannot attribute the increase to a single factor, the lack of personal accountability for guilty drivers likely plays a role.

As British Columbia is forced into an election by the NDP, during a pandemic, we have to wonder how much the NDP really cares about the most vulnerable in our community.

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