We are pleased to announce that Jacqueline Small, partner with our firm, was recently interviewed by Canadian Lawyer Magazine about an ICBC case involving an injured claimant who suffered severe PTSD.

Ms. Small originally wrote a blog article on this ICBC PTSD claim which proceeded to trial.  In that ICBC case, the injured claimant was involved in a tragic and traumatic head on collision which killed the other driver instantly.  The injured claimant suffered primarily from psychological injuries as a result of the motor vehicle accident.  His most significant injury was severe PTSD which significantly impacted every aspect of his life.  The medical evidence presented at trial indicated that there was very little prospect for improvement of his condition.  The trial judge awarded $200,000.00 in damages for pain and suffering along with other substantial awards for loss of income and future care costs.

Holness and Small Law Group has written over 1000 legal blog articles. We strive to stay informed and current with personal injury news and case developments.  We believe knowledge of the current state of the law is essential to providing proper legal services to our clients when advocating for their rights.

If you are interested in learning more about your personal injury claim and your rights, we are pleased to offer a free legal consultation with one of our experienced ICBC and medical malpractice lawyers.

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