Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and David Eby, the Minister Responsible for ICBC

Before Attorney General David Eby brought in ICBC no-fault auto insurance he told the public this would not happen. Mr. Eby said no-fault auto insurance would not be considered. Injury victims relied on Mr. Eby to be truthful and continued to pursue their rights against the monopoly ICBC. Car accident victims spent millions of dollars on court fees, hiring experts and prosecuting their claims as ICBC in 2019 refused to make reasonable offers of settlement. However, once Mr. Eby and the NDP seized power, Mr. Eby began an illegal crusade to eliminate injury victims ability to prove their cases.

First Mr. Eby brought in the Minor Injury laws, which were found to be partly illegal by the courts. Undeterred he brought in regulations to prevent innocent victims from hiring experts to prove their cases. He expected injury claimants to drop their claims so ICBC could keep the money. This bogus law was also found to be illegal. Then he created a law to punish injury claimants financially, the 6% rule. This rule again helped ICBC in the court process and discriminated against people injured in car accidents. This law too was found to be illegal. For an Attorney General, the lawyer for the government, Mr. Eby has has failed to help the most vulnerable in our Province. 

Mr. Eby has shown that he cannot be trusted and he will say anything to get elected. He has helped the auto giant ICBC and hurt victims of personal injury. Mr. Eby will likely waste tax payers money by appealing the last court decision finding his cap on injury claimants costs to be illegal.

Future Compensation for Auto Injury Claimant in BC

If Mr. Eby continues in government we will likely see an end to the rights and freedoms once provided to the people injured in car accidents. Injury victims have already lost their right to sue the guilty driver thanks to Mr. Eby. This has resulted in injury claimants receiving low, inadequate and arbitrary compensation. Mr. Eby has eliminated the possibility of a person being put back into the position they were in before an injury. The innocent, in his system, are personally responsible for the misbehavior of at fault motorists. All of this to put more money in the hands of ICBC and attempt to reduce insurance rates. 

Mr. Eby’s no fault auto insurance gives no value to the the loss of a persons quality of life. The current ICBC system does not compensate for pain and suffering. Mr. Eby appears to be completely lacking when it comes to valuing human life. Attorney General Eby commented on second reading of Bill 20 — Insurance (Vehicle) Amendment Act, 2018 (which increased accident benefits and defined minor injury)- “The amendments in this bill set the foundation to put the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia on a stable and sustainable financial footing while keeping insurance rates fair and affordable for drivers in British Columbia.” Mr. Eby said nothing about protecting the injured and giving innocent victims the compensation they deserve.



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  1. The same applies to those who admit liability. Your choice is to pay in full the cost of damages or to have a yearly portion added to your yearly insurance until the amount is paid in full. It doesn’t take much thought to realize that one does not actually have insurance if one has to pay for the damages. This applies to traffic accidents that require vehicle repair, as I unfortunately learned, and will continue to pay exorbitant insurance premiums for years.
    What happens if the vehicular accident causes injury or death and the cost is
    astronomical? Is the person who accepts liability then liable for these costs
    and has to pay until they become bankrupt?

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