How to find a personal injury in lawyer in British Columbia has become even more illusive with the growth of social networking and spamming, both of which can best obscure the truth and reliability of what you are reading, even for ICBC injury claims. In 1992 I started in personal injury law helping personal injury claimantsand now, as a personal injury lawyer in British Columbia,  injury claimants tell me that when trying to find the top injury lawyer in town they are left frustrated because they do not even know what makes a good lawyer. Many have found me through a friend, a co-worker or a family member and very few said that it was easy to find a personal injury lawyer for their ICBC claim.  I have discussed hiring a personal injury law before and have discovered three things all injury claimant’s have to do to find an injury lawyer.
First, contact a personal injury law firm that will agree to a free initial consultation. The best way is to call the law firm and give them information about your claim so the lawyer can help you decide what you need to do. Calling a lawyer also ensures that you are dealing with a real lawyer and not some online huckster. Most law firms also allow you to send your information by email from the law firms website.  This is also a good way to contact a lawyer as the lawyer can call you back after he or she has reviewed your initial information. You can always make sure the lawyer is legit  by checking  out the Law Society of British Columbia lawyer lookup.
Second, tell the potential injury lawyer  about your injury and the car accident or other event that caused your injury.  The personal injury lawyer needs the good, the bad, and the ugly to  make proper decisions. Personal injury lawyers in Britsh Columbia have a dutyof confidentiality, which may be different from Amercian personal injury  lawyers,  so the top lawyers in BC will keep your secrets private.
Third, hire the personal injury lawyer. This may sound simple but make sure you understand how the lawyer will be paid whether it is by the hour,  a percentage or some other arrangement.  Also make sure you like the lawyer ,you  both get along, can work together on the case, and that you’ll trust his or her judgment when the time is right.
Learn more with our brief video explanation giving insider tips to hiring a personal injury lawyer:

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