November 27, 2016- Getting legal advice from a lawyer after a car accident can be confusing because most people have not had to hire a lawyer for an injury claim before.  Relax, I and many other personal injury lawyers in British Columbia will agree to talk with you at no charge about your  injury claim and help point you in the right direction. If you have had a car accident injury in BC you are probably dealing with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC. Here are some tips on the when, where and whys to consider when selecting and hiring a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, or anywhere in BC.

1.   When to hire a personal injury lawyer

Call, or have a family member or friend call a personal injury lawyer for a no charge consultation  at the beginning of your claim before you appoint a lawyer.  Have someone call right away. Depending on the facts of your case evidence may need to be secured or investigation initiated to help prove your claim. There are also time limits to file injury claims with ICBC and other insurance companies and a personal injury lawyer should able to help you put all your best information forward within the time requirements of the law.

2.  Where your personal injury lawyer should be located

Make sure the lawyer you plan to employ is certified to practice law in British Columbia  if your injury occurred in BC and that the lawyer has an office for delivery of legal documents in BC.  If your case will require extensive court applications or court appearances it may be cheaper to hire a law firm with an office close to a courthouse.  The Lower Mainland has courthouses in Vancouver, New Westminster and Chilliwack. Lawyers in downtown Vancouver are close to the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, and the Provincial Courts. In an injury claim,  where your lawyer is located is often more important than where you are located.

3.   Why would you hire a lawyer for your  injury claim

Many people that call my personal injury law firm are happy to hear me say that they do not need the engage a lawyer for their personal injury claim. A claim may be minor and uncomplicated requiring nothing more than some goodwill on behalf of both the insurance company and the injured claimant.  You would hire a lawyer however when there appears to be  issues of fault, medical and/or legal causation, or other complicating legal and factual issues.  Many cases can be won or lost on a legal “technicality”.  I have also been told by clients over the years that having a personal injury lawyer meant that they were able get on with trying to get better without worrying about a personal injury claim. View my short video on why hire a personal injury lawyer in BC.
Posted by Personal Injury Lawyer  Mr. Renn A. Holness, B.A., LL.B.