Fair trial and due process; effective remedies; social rights and access to public services; rights to free elections, the right to privacy; freedom of expression and the free flow of information, elimination of all forms of discrimination, right to an effective remedy; access to justice, right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law, right to own property, right to social security, protection against unemployment, right to life, right to pain free life

Canada’s Artificial Intelligence Law: Federal AI Regulation

 Bill C-27: Laws to regulate artificial intelligence systems in Canada Artificial Intelligence Regulation Introduces the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act to set common requirements for the design, development, and use of artificial intelligence systems, aiming to mitigate risks of harm and biased output. Prohibits specific practices with data and artificial intelligence systems that may result in serious harm to…

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Humans No Longer Center of the Intelligent Legal World

Not only can our modern AI’s beat humans at math and memory skills, some are now far better at creating art and literature. It has become clear, humans are no longer the most intelligent on the planet. That’s not to say we won’t find purpose and meaning in the future, just not for the same…

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AI Quantum Supremacy and the Legal System

Profound Impact on the Civil Legal System: Quantum Computing and AI Google has recently announced achieving quantum supremacy with a significant breakthrough. Their latest version of the Sycamore quantum processor can make calculations in an instant that would take the fastest computers half a century to complete. Google Bard is also part of the a…

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