The right to obtain human intervention, to express their point of view and to contest the decision. Contestability by design to better protect the rights of decisions based solely on automated processing as a requirement at each stage of an artificial intelligence system’s lifecycle

Humans No Longer Center of the Intelligent Legal World

Not only can our modern AI’s beat humans at math and memory skills, some are now far better at creating art and literature. It has become clear, humans are no longer the most intelligent on the planet. That’s not to say we won’t find purpose and meaning in the future, just not for the same…

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Lawyers Using AI for Legal Research

Currently in Canada the use of Artificial intelligence to perform legal research and writing is unregulated. Likewise, the use of AI to interact with clients, the court and third parties remains a wild west for the legal profession. However, lawyers will be unlikely to escape liability for the legal opinions, research or human interaction of…

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