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Previous Injury Causes Court to Reduce Award

Rhodes v. Biggar,2010 BCSC 762 June 6, 2011- This case has only been referred to once and has not to date been overturned. The central issue in this personal injury case was to assess the extent and effect of the injury claimant’s injuries caused by the car accident. The claimant had an extensive pre-existing medical history relating…

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Chronic Pain Survivor Wins Her Appeal

This successful personal injury case appeal(Poirier v. Aubrey, 2010 BCCA 266) has been referred to and considered by the Supreme Court more than 6 times since I first wrote this post and it has not been overturned.  The injury claimant suffered soft tissue injury in a car accident  which led to the development of chronic pain . Her personal…

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Low Velocity Impact Injury Claimant gets Court Award of $192,000.00

Gignac v. Rozylo, 2010 BCSC 595 This was an ICBC personal injury claim resulting from a relatively minor car accident. The injury claimant testified that he was in a line of traffic waiting for the change of a traffic signal and the other vehicle plowed into the rear of his car. His car suddenly lurched forward…

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